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Whether you’re looking to start a mental health private practice; market more effectively; or are struggling to find clients – these podcasts will give you invaluable information for FREE!

These Podcasts Make Private Practice Easy!

best podcasts for mental health private practiceIf you’re not exactly sure what a podcast is or where to find them, visit this post first to get all the details. We have talked about Stacey’s favorite podcasts for mental health professionals before but these are specific to those who are in private practice! Whether you’re looking to open a solo practice or expand your solo practice into a group practice, these podcasts have the free expertise you need.

Stacey’s thoughts – Before I joined a group practice, I spent 2-1/2 years working in home-based hospice. I spent a lot of time driving, usually 700 miles a week minimum. That gave me a lot of time to listen to podcasts. These are the podcasts that helped me be successful in filling my schedule quickly and marketing myself to the kind of clients that I want to see! (None of these are sponsored by the way!)

The Private Practice Startup Podcast

The Private Practice Start-up

Hosted by: Dr. Kate Campbell & Katie Lemieux

Why we like it:
Kate & Katie are fun and personable. They interview experts in fields like marketing and also successful private practitioners so that you can learn from a variety of professionals.

It’s upbeat, very informative, and you can pick and choose the episodes that are relevant to you from their 4 years worth of episodes! They also have a free Facebook group that is very helpful as well as their coaching programs and e-courses that you can purchase.

abundance practice building podcast

The Abundance Practice Podcast

Hosted by: Allison Puryear of Abundance Practice Building

Why we like it:

Allison is so upbeat and positive! She keeps it real too; it always sounds like she is giving her honest, unvarnished opinion. 

You can tell Alison loves what she does and that enthusiasm is contagious.
She also offers courses as part of the abun-DANCE Party.
The “Ask Allison” episodes are short

and really informative. The coaching calls with members of the Abun-DANCE Party Inner Circle are always information you can apply to your own practice. Allison is also committed to decolonizing private practice and immediately started covering topics that were relevant to that when BLM became a national topic. 


Where to Listen:

Apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts

Check out these episodes:

  • Episode 153: Where to Focus and How to Get More Clients
  • Episode 187: No Time to Market
  • Episode 151: When to Transition From Part Time Practice to Full Time Practice
  • Ask Allison Episode 47: Defining Your Niche, One Niche or Two, Struggling to Niche
  • Ask Allison Episode 55: HIPAA Compliant Billing, Building the Right Practice, Hiring an Assistan

Modern therapist's survival guide podcast

Modern Therapist’s Survival Guide

Hosted by Curt Widhalm and Katie Vernoy

Why we like it:

Stacey’s thoughts: I’m a millennial. An “elder millennial” but still definitely a millennial. I think we look at life and the world a little differently than our Baby Boomer & Gen X counterparts. 

Curt & Katie get that we are “modern therapists” hence we think, live, and work differently.

Maybe you are on Tik-Tok or are looking to make better use of social media to fill your practice. Perhaps you want to focus more on self-care than you currently do. The Modern Therapist’s Survival Guide is going to talk about things that are relevant to you in a way that you relate to!

Therapy for your money

Therapy for Your Money

Hosted by Julie Herres of GreenOak Accounting

Why we like it:

Therapy for your money is really useful, easy to understand, and topics that are essential for understanding the money side of your private practice! Most of us did not get any sort of business

training in graduate school. Our clinical skills are definitely not all that we need to successfully run our private practices. Julie makes it really accessible for practitioners who really don’t know where to start (like Stacey!)

Practice of the Practice logo

Practice of the Practice

Hosted by Joseph R. Sanok

Why we like it:

This is one of the longest running and perhaps one of the first podcasts about private practice. Somehow I missed it when I started my private practice podcast journey but I’m making up for it now!

With over 400 episodes, any subject that you can think of has been covered! Joe interviews a variety of people who are experts in their fields to give you the best information on whatever topics you need to learn more about.


Where to listen

Everywhere you get your podcasts!  As with several others, you can also listen on the podcast’s website.


Check out these episodes:

  • 490 Instagram for Therapists
  • 122 How to Name a Business
  • 244 Brian Greenberg Wants You to Enhance Your Google Business Profile
  • 211-213 How to Grow Your Business During the Pandemic parts 1-3
  • 104 Nick Usborne Will Teach You Controversial Copy-writing

*I did not link to individual episodes because the player is embedded in the website. Click on the link to the left to find all the episodes if you want to listen on their website!


Is there a podcast you love that we missed?

podcasts for private practice therapists counselors


Comment below and let us know so we can include it!

Stacey Aldridge, LCSW

Stacey is the owner of Inspired Happiness Therapy & Wellness in Ridgeland Mississippi and the founder of Inspired Practice. To learn more about therapy with Stacey please visit her website.

Stacey Aldridge LCSW mental health therapist in Jackson MS

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